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Rachael Trades Me "I Found An Alternate Dimension In A Hole In My Sock Painting" for Ceramic Ray Gun

Rachel, in hat, with ceramic ray gun

As per usual, I subjected Rachael to my horribly inept "interview" questions:

Q: Have you ever read The Hobbit? If so, did you find yourself ever referring to those maps in the front of the book?
A: I read it in grade school, and who DOESN'T refer to the maps!?

Q: Do you have or have you ever had a roommate?
A: I've never had a roommate but I have had numerous strange attic-dwellers.

Nik Trades Me Lost Cock and Undead Mosaic Clown Painting for French Phone and Cross WIth Weird Stuff On It

Nik on PBS

As usual, I made Nik answer some "interview" questions.

Since Nik trades with me at a feverish rate, now I force him to not only answer the questions, but also to make them up. Here's what he came up with this time:

Q: What are galleries you should know about:

Terror for Terror!

Original Owner: 
Needlesharp Teeth Terror

Nik's Story that I DRAGGED out of him to go with the Terror for Terror trade:

We have a show in the Bay Area called Creepy Kofy Movie Time. They show bad movies from the 50's, 60's and 70's, it's a late night horror show hosted by Balrok and No Name. I've been on TV before and most places either have sandwiches, fried chicken, finger foods, etc - Creepy Kofy has a keg. Actually a kegerator (a fridge specially designed for kegs!)

Vintage Video Game Paintings

bARTer Sauce normally trades everything that comes through the inventory for something else. I made an exception once and just gave something away. For charity. Don't judge me. I make the damn rules people. I make the rules.  My friend & ex-roomie Val is involved with SketchFest and they had a fundraiser. I had lots of drinks at said fundraiser.

Jaden Trades me Crazy Neighbor Candleholder for Hopeful Centipede

Jaden and Rosalie trading some stuffs in bARTer Sauce
Jaden and Rosalie trading some stuffs in bARTer Sauce
Jaden and Rosalie trading some stuffs in bARTer Sauce
Jaden and Rosalie trading some stuffs in bARTer Sauce
Jaden, Donald (The Heart of the Room artist) and some friends

Jaden is a frequent visitor at our First Thursday Art Walks.

I've even heard rumor that she let my studio partner paint her up like a hummingbird and photograph her. I have yet to see the evidence.

Nik Trades Me Tiny Head and Pillow Pal for Brick Man and Space Aliens in Crayon

Nicolas Caesar Wearing A Dog Hat

Nik and I have done at least one billion trades at this point.

It becomes kind of difficult to think of a new thing to write about ever time -- especially since we do our trades through the mail so LITERALLY -- nothing happens (unless the mean post office lady is there and then I can at least complain about how she yelled at me once and I'm now holding a grudge about it a year later).


Original Owner: 
Brickman (remixed by Nik)

Stacy's story submitted with Brickman:

Several years ago (in a land far, far away) I was in college and had some friends visiting from out of town. It was sometime around Halloween, and we were out looking for a good scare. A local friend had mentioned that a certain boarded-up house a few streets over was supposedly haunted, so we drove over to take a look. We got there, and saw that it was indeed boarded up. I was curious anyway, and got out of the car, along with one of the guys. We walked around to the other side of the house to see if there was anything interesting visible on that side. Once we were out of earshot of the car, I whispered to him, "on the count of three, run back to the car, act scared, see if we can scare the others!" I counted, and we tore around the side of the house, back to the car. I fell and slid in the gravel, and we jumped into the car. The driver saw us, and as soon as the door was closed we were gone.

Tara Trades Me Twisted Tree Tee for Two Headed Boy Painting

Tara and Rosalie makin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Tara and I often share a space at crafty events and the like so that she can sell shirts to everyone who walks by and Doug and I can sit there, surrounded by Shower Arts and be really supportive of her.

She designs fantastic shirts and screenprints them in her basement in her jammies.

Nik Trades me Robotic Bug for Alien in Ship and Two Headed Boy Painting for Evil Looking Doll Lamp

Nik and PBS

Nik answered these "interview" questions even though I've asked him about 100 rounds of questions through all of our trades and these are very much the bottom of the barrel.

Q. How tall are you?
A. 5'4

Q. Why/how did you start

Laura Trades Me Super Bright Kisses for Jazz Singer Who Tried to Eat Eric's Girlfriend

Laura and Rosalie doin' a Sauce trade

I love the fact that Laura chose the Jazz singer painting as what she wanted for Super Bright Kisses.

To my eye -- they're pretty similar. Same general color scheme. Big lips.

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