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Michael Frank from The Museum of Bad Art Trades me Space Aliens in Crayon for Old Man Murder

Michael Frank, MOBA Curator, and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

I hope Sean doesn't get mad at me for trading his painting to The Museum of Bad Art.

I'm assuming he won't since he wrote about how much he hates that painting. Plus, now he can say that his work is in a real museum.

You can read all about the MOBA visit on my blog.

Hopeful Centipede with a Bunch of Stars and Crap

Original Owner: 
Hopeful Centipede with a bunch of starts and Crap


Acrylic on wood

Nik's Story:

As a kid I had a problem with death. My garter snake died and I buried it in the back yard. After I had buried it I dug it up minutes later, panicked that I may have accidentally buried it alive, took it out, reassured myself it was dead and reburied it. This went on umpteen times. Even though it was stiff and the gnats had eaten it's eyes I was still worried.

Rhiannon Trades Me Woman Feeding Horse Painting for Avocado Racoons

Rhiannon Reeder tradin' with bARTer Sauce
Rhiannon Reeder tradin' with bARTer Sauce
Rhiannon Reeder tradin' with bARTer Sauce
Rhiannon Reeder tradin' with bARTer Sauce
Rhiannon Reeder tradin' with bARTer Sauce
Rhiannon Reeder tradin' with bARTer Sauce

Rhiannon is one of our very good friends who we have grown so old with that we actually get together and play Bridge until 3am every Saturday night.



The fun never ends. Until one of the women cries or someone has to talk about Bridge night in couple counseling. Then, it's time to go home.

Rhiannon was kind enough to answer my odd and somewhat reduntant interview questions:

Q. Do you like cats?

Woman Feeding Horse

Original Owner: 
Rosalie Hates K...
Woman Feeding Horse

Rhiannon's Story about Woman Feeding Horse:

I bought this at an art show in college for fifty dollars. It priced at $450.00. The artist was dating a friend of mine, so he sold to me for very cheap... probably less than the cost of the materials it took to create. The painting is mounted and ready to hang. It is of a chick with her boobies hanging out, I think she's knocked up. There is a church in the background.

Sean trades me "Old Man Murder" for "Fangy Tomato and Friend"

Old Man Murder

Sean lives far away, so we do all of our trades through the mail.

Now, it's really exciting for me to get a package in the mail, examine it momentarily then, rip it open in a rush to find the great art inside. And, as exciting as that is, that description probably won't remain exciting through the history of all Sean's trades. He's made a few:

Kelly trades me "Toylet" for "Parisite"

Kelly and I trade Parisite for Toylet in bARTer Sauce
Kelly and I trade Parisite for Toylet in bARTer Sauce
Kelly and I trade Parisite for Toylet in bARTer Sauce
Kelly and I trade Parisite for Toylet in bARTer Sauce
Kelly's new art car
Doug and Kelly moving the Toylet
bARTer Sauce Trade

Kelly hauled the "Toylet" to the May First Thursday Art Walk.

We've been trying to get together and make the trade all week because she's had it rolling around in her car. It never worked out, so she had to live with a toy-covered toilet rockin' around in the back of her art car. Poor Kelly. She did get to take "Parisite" home, so I think she'll be okay.

Old Man Murder (Plug It In)

Original Owner: 
Plug It In/Old Man Murder

Sean's story submitted with Old Man Murder (a.k.a. Plug It In):

Here we go for a third offer [Note from Rosalie: Sean has submitted this painting as a trade offer for two other items, where, as much as I wanted to, I just couldn't trade him -- this time, he's in luck.] Who knows, maybe it'll stick this time. I swear that Rosalie just likes to taunt me...

Below is the same recycled story...

Tim Trades me Giant Pig Face for Drinky Clown Painting

Pigface! Pigface!

Tim came to the April First Thursday art walk, looked at Nicolas' Drinky Clown Painting, turned around, ran home and came back with a giant painting of Pigface.

It's big.

Really big.

It's the biggest thing I've ever received. It's bigger than the credit card costume. It's bigger than Mrs. Woo. It's the biggest. And it's all Pigface. Every inch.

Patrick Trades me Time Machine Parts and Tiny, Landscape Painted on a Pill for Scary Clown Painting

Close-up of Patrick's 'Dog's Playing Poker' shirt. I'm jealous.
Close-up of Patrick's 'Dog's Playing Poker' shirt. I'm jealous.
Me & Patrick doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Patrick came by First Thursday with his wife Tina.

Actually, he dropped her off with the Time Machine Parts in front of the studio and she did much of the negotiation ("Are there any guys in here who can carry these Time Machine Parts? They're heavy!") while he circled the block many times looking for parking.

Tiny Landscape Painted on a Pill

Original Owner: 
Landscape Painted on a Pill

Patrick traded me a box of time machine parts along with this tiny, landscape painted on a pill.

Read Patrick's story about the Time Machine Parts.

Instead of making him tell me two stories with his trade, I just forced him to answer a series of my inane "interview questions."

Q. How the hell do you paint on pills?

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