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Stacy Trades Me "Fangy Tomato" and "Happy Jestor" for "Credit Card Costume"

Stacy and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Stacy was kind enough to find a ride to First Thursday in an automobile large enough to carry away a giant, foam credit card costume.

Thank goodness. oh man, I am not sorry to see that gigantic foamy thing leave my posession.

Go free young credit card. Ride into the night with Stacy and fill up her stupid closets with your credit card-ness!

Fangy Tomato and Friend

Original Owner: 
Fangy Tomato One
Fangy Tomato Two
Fangy Tomato and Friend

Stacy's story:

These two paintings should go together.

One is a happy jester, with smiley-faced daisies, and one is a surprised jester with a fanged tomato coming towards him. I did these while I was still in high school - now I have my BFA and have shown in MN, CO, and WA. The idea, the basic line drawing behind the shape of the jesters was the inspiration for a cartoon strip I did for the university paper for a few years... Who knows - maybe someone will want to do a retrospective on my stuff.

Four Boobed Alien with Dingle

Original Owner: 
Four Boobed Alien with Dingle

Royce's story for the Four Boobed Alien with Dingle:

The four boobed alien with dingle is a painting I made in late November of 2007. I made it, displayed it at the Gallery OK, and traded it. I can't really say much else about it other than that, so here's some random confessions:

  • I am in fact, an octopus, though it's okay if you didn't notice. I'm used to it by now.

Sean Trades Me Three Things For Three Other Things

Sean, as a comic
Sean, in the bathroom

This trade, like many others recently, happened through the mail.

And while I love expanding bARTer Sauce to new areas of the globe, I do kind of miss the trading in person part of it. Now, in order to spice this up a little bit, I've decided that I'll ask anyone who trades with me through the mail to tell me an extra, bonus, double-good story. Along those lines, I asked Sean to tell me about when he first learned that there was no Santa Claus.

Sean, on Santa (not in a weird way):

Will Ferrell

Original Owner: 
Will Ferrell

For some reason, Sean has decided that he wants all the bARTer Sauce stuffs to be his own.

So he spent one whole Saturday night fiendishly scheming and writing trade offer after trade offer.

Here is one of them....

Sean's trade offer:

After completing my first two paintings I began to gain confidence, skill - not so much - but confidence in my work.


Original Owner: 
Wonky Woman

We all remember Lynn, correct?

Lynn, you remember everyone?


Okay, I may have tried to lead you all to beieve that I was afraid of Lynn. That she had threatened me in order to get me to trade her some Shower Art. Now, I must admit, it not completely true. Well, not all of it is true. You see, I am afraid of Lynn. For sure. No doubt. But not because she threatens me. No.

Five Year Old Acrylics

Original Owner: 
Five Year Old Acrylics

Sean has been a long-time Sauce supporter and recently outdid himself (and everyone else who ever gave bARTer Sauce a second thought -- including me) by spending a Saturday night sending me trade offer after trade is one of the three:

Sean's Trade Offer for the Creepy Clown Painting:

Nicolas trades me Creepy Clown Painting for Angry Naked Guy Sketch

bARTer Sauce Trade with Nicolas Caesar
Remixed by Temple Terkildsen. Painting of an Angry Naked Man With Horns

Nicolas' reply once we nail down what we're trading for and how:

Angry Man will do!

My address is:
xxxxxxx, xx xxxxx
I'll pack up your clown :>

I do a little dance and then respond to him yet again (are you seeing yet how much work bARTer Sauce is?):
Heck yes,you can mail it to:


Raffle Proprietor Forced to Trade with The Sauce when I win Eyes, Noses, Mouths, Yep They're All Here painting

bARTer Sauce Trade

During the December First Thursday Art Walk, I entered a raffle to win a painting for $1 on behalf of bARTer Sauce and I won. I rarely win anything. And never on behalf of The Sauce.

It was a special night.

After winning, I realized that I couldn't, in good conscience, enter the painting in The Sauce unless my raffle proprietor took an item off my hands as well. She did. And she couldn't have made a better choice. Maggie's handmade cake toppers have a new home already (I think that's some kind of Sauce turnaround record!).

Octavian trades me a painting called Transition in exchange for The photo of a Naked Chick by my studio partner Kimberly

Rosalie and Octavian making a bARTer Sauce trade

bARTer Sauce struck it rich at First Thursday.

Rich I tell you. Rich. People kept coming in, reading about The Sauce and then going home to get me trades. Hells yes. This is how it's supposed to be. I suppose it helped that I actually printed out the stories that go with each item and posted them with the display. Without those, it's kind of just a big pile of weird stuff for no real reason. Now it has context and makes some sense. Huzzah!

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