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Velvet Last Supper

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Velvet Last Supper

A Velvet Last Supper painting.

My ultimate fantasy has come true.

MOBA gives me a Velvet Last Supper in exchange for the Eyes for Boobs painting

Painting of a woman with eyes for boobs

I finally got around to sending the Museum of Bad Art their painting (and some more hats for Mike) and I got something fantastic in trade.

A Velvet Last Supper painting. My ultimate fantasy has come true.

Seriously. I've always wanted a velvet painting.

Oh wait!

I forgot, I already had a velvet Elvis.


Creepy Rhinstone Baby

Creepy Rhinstone Baby
Creepy Rhinstone Baby

And now for the Pizza Duh Resistence

(I don't know how to spell that so I'm trying to cover with comedy. Much like illiterate adults, I mask my pain by being the life of the party. I AM. Shut up thoughts in my head.)

Kayla trades an Ed Sullivan collage for a Velvet Elvis painting

Random girl

Elvis is gone.

Well, I still have to mail him, but he's been claimed. He's going to live with a fourteen year old girl in Minnesota named Kayla. She appears to be an old soul. She's obsessed with stuff from the 50's including Elvis. I was just in Minnesota and met her mom at a coffee shop to hang out for a minute. Kayla brought a Gidget book to read.

Yeah, I know...who reads? (snort) So of course, when I got the velvet Elvis, I immediately thought of her.

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