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Kimberly Trades me Creepy Angel Trading Card for Stolen Unicorn Poster

Kimberly Abraham with her new Unicorn Poster from bARTer Sauce

I forced Kimberly - as I do all Sauce Traders - to answer a bunch of meaningless, weird and sometimes insulting questions.

Here are Kimberly's answers: 

Q: How did you hear about bARTer Sauce?

Regina Trades Me Three Skulls for Jar Man

Regina and Jar Man sittin' in a tree...

Regina is awesome and you should check out her website. Regina was kind enough to send some answers to my ridiculous "interview" questions:

Q: If you could punch anything in nature, what would it be?
A: The safe answer is Cancer. I'd punch that till the cows came home. But my first thought was to punch a Tsunami. Bastard things.

Q: How many parents do you have?

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