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Pee Wee Herman

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New bARTer Sauce Trade

Lookie what I just got for bARTer Sauce.

Nik Trades me Pee Wee for Fancy Mask and Accoutrements

Nik and a Dead Guy?

Nik and I have done so many trades that I've pretty much run out of stories to tell about them.

And I've run out of "interview" questions to ask him. And once, I've already made him make up his own "interview" questions and answer them. So we've pretty much come to the end of story telling about our trades especially since they happen through the mail. There's only so many times I can talk about that one lady at the post office who hates me.

She does though.

And she's really mean.

Pee Wee

Original Owner: 
Pee Wee Herman Skeleton

Nik's Story that came with Pee Wee:

When I lived in Cleveland I was called the Pee Wee of Horror by a tv horror host named Dr. Mor. B. S. I made this in honor of it.

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