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Photo of Naked Chick!

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Nude Woman

Yeah, naked chick photo!

Naked chick photo!


My studio partner Kimberly (Stir) offered me this matted photograph. Her story is short, but to the point:

When I was getting the model ready for this shoot, she was telling me about being a performance artist and how she really wanted to do a piece where she rubbed raw chicken all over her body.

Do you need me to repeat it?


I thought not.

600 Paper Cranes And Buddah Photograph

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600 Paper Cranes And Buddah Photograph

You all know how I'm crazy about unfinished projects.

That's why I have so many of them myself. I just like having them around. That way, if I ever need to feel the satisfaction of completing something, I can just pick something up and finish it. Not that I ever do. Being finished is overrated.

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