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pig face

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Pig Face

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Pig Face

Tim's Story that came with PigFace:

Thanks for the trade. I love scary drunk clowns. I found the pig in the trash area of my building about a week after I moved in (The Prudential Building in Pioneer Square). I didn't really know anyone in the building then and most likely it was put there by someone moving out so I never figured out where it came from. The building was mostly artists when I moved in 5 years ago but now there are only a couple. I didn't unroll it till I got it upstairs. I loved it and hung it high on my wall (I have a 22 foot ceiling in my loft) so it overlooked the entire space. My girlfriend hated it but when I told her I traded it she said she had gotten use to it.

Some additional annoying questions I made Tim answer:

Q. What was your first kiss like? How old were you? How'd you make your move?
A. I really don't remember

Q. Did you find the pig face and what made you say....I want that in my house?
A. I wanted it because it was unique and someone put a lot of time, effort and paint into it. They must have had a great vision but when it didn't come out the way they wanted they threw it into the trash.

Q. Did you name the pig face?
A. No

Q. If you didn't name the pig face, but if someone was making you name it now, what would you name it?
A. It's kind of an evil looking pig so something like Scarebelch The Rancid (compliments of Seventh Sanctum Evil Name Generator)

Q. Have you ever gone ice skating?
A. Not that I remember.

Q. What was the last thing you sent through the mail that wasn't a bill or something boring?
A. I send about 100 packages through the mail every day. I sell mostly books, toys & games, vintage kitchen and vintage clothing

The last thing I sent that wasn't a purchase was a digital camera someone left up at our cabin - I mailed it back to them.

Q. Do you remember kindergarten at all?
A. The only thing I remember about kindergarten is walking to school . I went to BF day in Fremont and had to walk over the scary concrete bridge that goes over Aurora Ave.

Q. How long have you lived in Seattle?
A. Most of my life

Q. Where else have you lived and why did you leave there?
A. My parents bought a motel in Ocean Shores on the Washington Coast and we lived there for 2 years during 7th and 8th grade then came back to Seattle.

(note from Rosalie - hey - my parents owned a Motel too. The Twin Birch in Brainerd, MN. See, now we never would have learned how much we have in common if I didn't get to make you answer all my annoying questions!)

Tim Trades me Giant Pig Face for Drinky Clown Painting

Pigface! Pigface!

Tim came to the April First Thursday art walk, looked at Nicolas' Drinky Clown Painting, turned around, ran home and came back with a giant painting of Pigface.

It's big.

Really big.

It's the biggest thing I've ever received. It's bigger than the credit card costume. It's bigger than Mrs. Woo. It's the biggest. And it's all Pigface. Every inch.

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