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One One One Glitter Cat

Original Owner: 
Glitter Cat Pillow Cover

Nik's Story that arrived with the Glitter Cat:

I have a corpse named Lucky that I make everyone pose with when they come over. He was traded to be by Kevin Klemm of Girls and Corpses magazine. He's named Lucky because he was the leprechaun corpse from the March issue. I dream of one day luring Rosalie out to California so I can add to my collection of photos called "Victims of Lucky Harms".

Pillow Pal

Original Owner: 

Note from bARTer Sauce:

I should mention that I recently threatened Nik and told him that he had to start submitting great stories. He has a habit of just posting another picture of his item where the story should go and then writing a sentence. And frankly, I'd had enough. It was time for a change. Well Nik responded to my threat by saying that maybe he would "...write a story too good it can't be written, it'd put all the great writers look like half-witted stooges and the world's literary world would be erased but my great text.

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