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Punked Up Nuns

Original Owner: 
Punk'd Up Nuns
Punk'd Up Nuns
Punk'd Up Nuns
Punk'd Up Nuns

Gary's Story about Punked Up Nuns:

On their way driving home from a conference on clean living and the modern woman, Mother Superior and a few of her sisters decided to take a shortcut through a Reservation and save the Pagan babies before heading back to Seattle.

Unfortunately the Reservation they chose to convert was the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

Gary Trades Me Punked Up Nuns for Time Machine Parts

Gary and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Gary emailed me a few weeks ago -- forwarding me an email he got about bARTer Sauce in 2005.

His email basically said -- I'm cleaning out my inbox so I'm wondering if you still do this or if I can finally delete this. No go Gary. Can't delete it. I'm STILL doing this. To my surprise, he immediately offered me four Punked Up Nuns. They are very super-duper awesome.

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