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Ceramic Sculpture by a Man with One Hand

Original Owner: 
Ceramic Sculpture
Ceramic Sculpture

Abbey's Story About the Ceramic Sculpture:

Eyes, Noses, Mouths, Yep, They're All There

Original Owner: 
Picture Of Lots Of Eyes Noses And Mouths.  Lots Of Them.

During the December First Thursday Art Walk, I entered a raffle for this painting.

I won. I am a winner.

I have no story about this item. So instead, I will tell you a story from my childhood. A story about the first computer ever made. Or close to it.

When I was about eight, we got an Apple 2E "computer." Amazing, but it was more useless than the computer that started the whole bARTer Sauce project. I know!

Raffle Proprietor Forced to Trade with The Sauce when I win Eyes, Noses, Mouths, Yep They're All Here painting

bARTer Sauce Trade

During the December First Thursday Art Walk, I entered a raffle to win a painting for $1 on behalf of bARTer Sauce and I won. I rarely win anything. And never on behalf of The Sauce.

It was a special night.

After winning, I realized that I couldn't, in good conscience, enter the painting in The Sauce unless my raffle proprietor took an item off my hands as well. She did. And she couldn't have made a better choice. Maggie's handmade cake toppers have a new home already (I think that's some kind of Sauce turnaround record!).

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