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Terri Trades me Saint Adolph Wolfli for Holy Souvenirs Batman!

Terri McNamara on bARTer Sauce with Holy Souvenirs Trade
Terri McNamara on bARTer Sauce with Holy Souvenirs Trade

Terri sent me a link to her super awesome Etsy shop that depicts close ups of food being horrified as it is eaten.

I luuuuurrrrves it!

And, as usual, I made Terri tell me things about herself in the form of "Interview" questions: 

Q: How many real friends do you have?
A:Hmmm . . . maybe 10?

Q: How many acquaintances?
A: More than 250.

Theresa trades me tiny wedding pictures for Ceramic Sculpture made by a man with one hand

Theresa loves the sculpture she got through bARTer Sauce
Theresa hugging sculpture

Theresa heard about bARTer Sauce after reading an article I wrote on Etsy's blog. She told me a sad, sad story about getting a bunch of views on a painting she made but then not selling it -- and not getting any "hearts" on it (that's what you call it when you add something to your favorites on Etsy).

Tiny Wedding

Original Owner: 
Tiny Wedding Puzzle Painting
Tiny Wedding Puzzle Painting

Theresa's Story that came with Tiny Wedding:

I did these miniature paintings, though I'm not quite sure why.  Maybe I thought it was the aesthetic that could sell.

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