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Roberta Minor

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Marlow Trades me Evil Looking Doll Lamp for Vintage Cigarette Coupons

Marlow and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade
Marlow and Michael from MOBA
Michael from MOBA and an Elvis topiary

Marlow and JoDavid came to the studio to see Michael Frank's (the Curator-in-Chief of The Museum of Bad Art) presentation on the guildelines MOBA uses to select the paintings for their permanent collection.

One Bazillion Vintage Cigarette Coupons

Original Owner: 
Vintage Raleigh and Belair Cigarette Coupons
Vintage Raleigh and Belair Cigarette Coupons With Vintage Sexually Suggestive Ad
Vintage Raleigh and Belair Cigarette Coupons

Roberta traded me this box of one bazilion cigarette coupons in exchange for Arndt Boe's tombstone

(which I was giving her in exchange for finding me the Worried Man painting in an alley and having the patience to run around Capitol Hill in a cab with me while I insisted that she remember exactly where she saw it so I could grab it. She has the patience of a saint.)

Worried Man Painting and a Bazillion Vintage Cigarette Coupons for Arndt Boe's tombstone

Two Crazy Ladies Trading Things
Woman Holding Tombstone On Table

Okay, so Board President of Bad Fruit Foundation, Roberta Minor, will be getting the tombstone. And not because the home page of their website has a quote from me on it (a fact I realized when searching for the link to post here) but because she found the Worried Man painting in an alley. The painting that spawned at least one fight and one competition between my friend Colin and a museum. Colin lost. But Roberta will win!

Worrying Man

Original Owner: 
Worrying Man

On Tuesday I was meeting with the lovely Roberta from Bad Fruit Foundation.

I've done stand up for a couple of the Bad Fruit benefit shows and they're a great bunch. They work to help underinsured artists find the health care resources they need. Check them out. Do what I say.

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