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Proud Green Boobs Painting

Original Owner: 
Proud Green Boobs Painting
Proud Green Boobs Painting
Proud Green Boobs Painting

Tim and Victoria have a lot on their plate what with the moving to somewhere else and all.

I'm impatient though and want to get these items into The Sauce so I hired a ghost writer. His name is Will and he is actually being punished because he likes to send me all kinds of extra stuffs when he makes Sauce trades with me. I'll get hats and books and magazines and weird signs. Then, I have to deal with all that stuff.

So in any case, here's Will's story for Tim & Victoria: 

Rachael Trades Me "I Found An Alternate Dimension In A Hole In My Sock Painting" for Ceramic Ray Gun

Rachel, in hat, with ceramic ray gun

As per usual, I subjected Rachael to my horribly inept "interview" questions:

Q: Have you ever read The Hobbit? If so, did you find yourself ever referring to those maps in the front of the book?
A: I read it in grade school, and who DOESN'T refer to the maps!?

Q: Do you have or have you ever had a roommate?
A: I've never had a roommate but I have had numerous strange attic-dwellers.

Heart of the Room

Mobile With Giant Hook, Twigs, Shell, Pewter Lamb, Chimes, Wire, and a Locket

Based on the most recent trade offer I received, I think I may have given people the idea that I only want terrible things.

That is NOT the case. I want wonderful, odd things. But I guess I'm also intrigued by terrible. As evidence of this, please view my conversation with Tony:


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