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Nik Trades Me Stolen Unicorn Poster and Transvestite Robot for Weird Rooster Thing and I Can See Butt

bARTer Sauce Trade

Nik trades with me all the time.

About twice a month. And he has set up his own art trading project inspired by bARTer Sauce. He's a fan. And I'm a fan of him. All that said, I've had to come up with probably hundreds of "interview" questions for Nik to answer.

So this time we're going with Fun Facts! Fun. Facts about Nik: 

  • I compulsively cut my hair. Not in any professional way. In my mind it looks good but in the mirror not so much.

Weird Rooster Thing

Original Owner: 
Broken Cock
Broken Cock

Sean's story about the Weird Rooster Thing:

I offer up to you for this painting a rare delight, a metal chicken with wooden leg nuggets and no wings to be found. A wonderful delight to see indeed. This chicken was given to me about three years ago from an art teacher friend of mine and I am getting ready to move and the chicken and I have decided to part ways. Because I am also moving I will include some rare other gems with this trade to be offered up. To discover this wonder and more you'll need to accept my offer and await the package!

bARTer Sauce: Nik Trades me Mosaic Clown Painting and Lost Cock

Nik trades with bARTer Sauce a lot. A LOT. All the time. He trades with me so much that I am really far behind in updating the website with all his trade offers. He trades with me so much that I have officially BANNED him from the site until September 1, 2009. He is not allowed to make any trade offers, no matter what kind of awesome stuff I get between now and then.

Nik Trades Me Lost Cock and Undead Mosaic Clown Painting for French Phone and Cross WIth Weird Stuff On It

Nik on PBS

As usual, I made Nik answer some "interview" questions.

Since Nik trades with me at a feverish rate, now I force him to not only answer the questions, but also to make them up. Here's what he came up with this time:

Q: What are galleries you should know about:

Lost Cock

Original Owner: 
Lost Cock by Nik
Lost Cock by Nik
Lost Cock by Nik

Nik's Story that came with Lost Cock:

When I was in summer camp I was pee shy. Our camp guy counselor whatever asked all of us before a long hike "If you have to go - go now!". I, being shy, tried to hold it, I'd just pee at midnight when everyone was a sleep, that was my plan.

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