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Russian Book

Original Owner: 
Some Book in Russian
Some Book in Russian
Some Book in Russian

Will's Story that I forced him to send me because he included this extra book in with his Sauce trade shipment:

Like Crazy Moths to A Demonic Flame
My friend from the bar and I hang out ever Wednesday night. We eat dinner and go to the cheap movies every Wednesday without much variance (depending on what might be going on that week). We've been doing this for years, years I tell you. We go to a bookstore sometimes after our movie.

Will Trades Me a French Phone, a Russian Book, Totem Pole Shaped Trophy & a Cross for Terror Clown Painting, No Face Wedding, Hugs for Jesus Statue and Dooky Kiss

Will and some baby
Will, as a hippie

Here's the thing.

Lots of people like to send "extras" to The Sauce along with their official trade offers. Lots of people. Pretty much everyone. I've let it go in the past, but - like I say below - I decided to make an example of Will and punish him for doing the same thing that many others have done in the past.

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