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Saint Adolph Wolfli

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Cory Trades Me Wedding Day Disaster Barbie for Saint Adolph Wolfli

Cory Parsons and Saint Adolph Wolfli, A bARTer Sauce Trade

Even though Cory made something terrifying...

I still made her answer my "interview" questions. Read on in awe and wonder.

Q. How large is the largest stick you've ever dragged around behind you threateningly?
A: Well I have waved a pretend Harry Potter wand quite menacingly at people but I don't think I've dragged a large stick.

Q. Do you prefer crunchy or smooth peanut butter?

Terri Trades me Saint Adolph Wolfli for Holy Souvenirs Batman!

Terri McNamara on bARTer Sauce with Holy Souvenirs Trade
Terri McNamara on bARTer Sauce with Holy Souvenirs Trade

Terri sent me a link to her super awesome Etsy shop that depicts close ups of food being horrified as it is eaten.

I luuuuurrrrves it!

And, as usual, I made Terri tell me things about herself in the form of "Interview" questions: 

Q: How many real friends do you have?
A:Hmmm . . . maybe 10?

Q: How many acquaintances?
A: More than 250.

Saint Adolph Wolfli

Original Owner: 
Rahr. I am evil. I eat your face. And your soul. Noms.
NOM NOM NOM! I am cute like LOL cat!

Terri's story about Saint Adolph Wolfli: 

He begged me to create him. Even as I made him, I knew he was wretched in every way possible . . . I don't even remember how I found him . . . heard of him . . .

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