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Perpetual Motion Machine

Original Owner: 
Perpetual Motion Machine, bARTer Sauce
Perpetual Motion Machine, bARTer Sauce
Perpetual Motion Machine, bARTer Sauce
Perpetual Motion Machine, bARTer Sauce

Kevin's story that came with the Perpetual Motion Machine:

On Thursday February 4, 2010 I attended the First Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square.  I had a particular destination in mind as I was on a mission!  I had this cool, little all-brass whatch-a-ma-thing that I was going to try to trade for something cool, or perhaps something much cooler at bARTer Sauce.

Juli Trades Me Tin Can Lid Necklace for Last Supper Sculpture

Juli playing peek a boo with the Last Supper Statue
Juli and the Last Supper Statue

Juli makes stuff.

You can check out her stuff on her Artfire shop and keep up with her travels on her blog, JulisJewels.

Full Metal Bra

Original Owner: 
Full Metal Bra
Full Metal Bra

Tim's Story about "Full Metal Bra"

This piece was purchased at a garage sale and was created for a breast cancer fundraiser. Made out of car parts, this one of a kind heavy duty brassie was purchased by someone who had had far too much to drink at the auction and paid waaay too much for it. She was so embarassed about how much she paid for it that she would not even reveal it to us as we purchased it from her for $10.00 at a garage sale.

Ceramic Sculpture by a Man with One Hand

Original Owner: 
Ceramic Sculpture
Ceramic Sculpture

Abbey's Story About the Ceramic Sculpture:

Staci Trades Me "Mona Didn't Need Bling" Shadow Box for "Wood Face"

Staci and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Staci often shows at the OK Hotel during First Thursday so she wanders in to the studio pretty much every month (okay, every month for sure) and we've gotten to know each other a little bit.

She's been teasing me for awhile now saying that she had a trade for me...and she lived up to her word at the March Art Walk. I remember Mona from a shadow box show that the OK Hotel did a few months back. I liked it then. And I like it now.

Rhiannon Trades Me Faux Fossil and Picture of Amber for Stone Face

Woman Holding a Heavy Stone That Looks Like a Face
Woman Holding a Heavy Stone That Looks Like a Face
Woman Holding a Heavy Stone That Looks Like a Face

Okay, do you want to know how heavy Stone Face is?

Well, example #1 is that we've kept him on our balcony since we got him. He held down some straw mat thing I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond before I burst into flames (I burst into flames at large, horrible stores like Bed Bath and Beyond and Ikea. "Burst into flames" = had panic attack).

Asian Doll Sculpture

Life Sized Asian Doll With Her Hands Out
Life Sized Asian Doll With A Can Of Pabst Blue Ribbon In Her Hand

So Lauri lost the Laffhole contest, but somehow I manage to convince most of the folks who compete at Laffhole to trade with me anyway.

Lauri was no exception.

Her original offer for the Turntables (that's what I gave away at Laffhole) was the Asian doll sculpture, a haunted tiki punchbowl set and shoes left in her car by the crack whore who stole it.

When she didn't win the turntable, the trade offer was reduced to just the large, heavy item that she didn't want to bring home.

Barbie Fish Monster

Original Owner: 
Saddam Hussein Rinding A Pink Fish That Has A Barbie Head In Its Mouth

Ariane's Story about Barbie Monster Fish:

"Barbie Monster Fish" [is] a sculpture I made for multiple reasons, but mostly there was a fiberglass fish class that was short on participants so I took it, and people were making really crazy shit out of fiberglass fish forms and I was feeling competitive. And fat.

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