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Ryan Trades Me 4 Stickers with Original Artwork for Pickled Eyeball Candle

Ryan, bARTer Sauce trader
Ryan, bARTer Sauce trader
Ryan, bARTer Sauce trader

This is the email Ryan sent me the morning after First Thursday

I always like to find out what happens to trades after they leave my hands and I thought you guys might be curious as well.....

I don't remember what you said I was suppose to write to you about. Any-whoo, the eye candle that I received- we burned it after artwalk. Then I left it at my friends house. Just wanted to write you before I forgot.

Q: Where did you get the glasses you were wearing at First Thursday?

Jesamyn Trades Me Potato Bunny Pamphlet for Nik Caesar's Self Portrait

bARTer Sauce Trade

Jessamyn - like everyone else I trade with - was forced at gunpoint to answer my "interview" questions:

Q: Have you ever made your own mustard?
A. No, although I love mustard with a fiery passion.

Q: Have you ever had impure thoughts about field roast?
A. I try to never think of Field Roast. Thanks a lot for reminding me.

Q: If you could punch anything in nature, what would it be?
A. It would be the sun; I would punch it right in its stupid face.

Kelly Trades Me Sequin Horse for Totem Pole Trophy

Kelly Lyles

Kelly Lyles is awesome.

She stopped by my old studio on the night before the First Thursday Art Walk to bring by a horse picture made out of stick pin sequins. I showed her the new art studio I'm moving to and told her how disappointed I was that I couldn't afford to paint it metallic gold. She said, "Why don't you just paint it gold and then throw glitter on it?" 

Rebecca Trades Me Faux Fur Painting for Bodice Ripper

Rebecca DeVere

Rebecca and I did this trade at her moving/yard sale.

She was wearing a wig. In fact, everyone she had conned into helping her (including her mom) was wearing a wig.

Jessica Trades Me "Slowsalie, Sasquatch, and the Blinky" for the Asian Doll Sculpture

Jo Jo Carrying a Heavy Asian Doll Statue
Jo Jo and the Asian Doll Statue
Jo Jo and the Asian Doll Statue
Jo Jo Carrying a Heavy Asian Doll Statue
Jo Jo and the Asian Doll Statue
Jo Jo and the Asian Doll Statue
Jo Jo and the Asian Doll Statue

The Sauce is all kinds of punishing people lately.

Jo Jo made the mistake of getting my hopes up that we were going to share an art studio together, holding hands as we skipped into the sunset and making weird crafts. We got pretty far into the process when she said, "Oh, there's only one thing that would make me not want to do this and that thing is if the studio behind our house ever becomes available. I'd want to rent that instead." She was pretty sure that wouldn't happen though. Almost positive.

Slowsalie, Sasquatch, and the Blinky

Original Owner: 
Slowsalie, Sasquatch, and the Blinky

Jessica's Story about "Slowsalie"

Rosalie is very disappointed in me. I broke her heart and now I must pay my penance. In exchange for her "moving on" from this disappointment, I must fulfill three promises. First, I had to write her a letter and mail it. I'm working on the lovely package now (note, I use the word package as a double entendre). Second, I have to have quarterly crafting meetings with her. Third, I have to complete a baRTer Sauce trade.

Full Metal Bra

Original Owner: 
Full Metal Bra
Full Metal Bra

Tim's Story about "Full Metal Bra"

This piece was purchased at a garage sale and was created for a breast cancer fundraiser. Made out of car parts, this one of a kind heavy duty brassie was purchased by someone who had had far too much to drink at the auction and paid waaay too much for it. She was so embarassed about how much she paid for it that she would not even reveal it to us as we purchased it from her for $10.00 at a garage sale.

Victoria & Tim Trade Me Six Things for Snoopy

Victoria and Rosalie making cute faces
Snoopy between metal breastseses
Victoria helping Rosalie on with giant metal bra
Snoopy between metal breastseses
Victoria licking Snoopy.
Victoria. Alone. Plus blurry.

Victoria and Time were moving. Big time. Getting rid of lots of art and moving away. This is one of those Sauce scenarios where it just may be that someone is much more interested in having The Sauce come over and haul away the stuff that they don't want as opposed to really loving The Sauce. That's okay. Sometimes that's the only way good stuff ever gets into The Sauce. When people are freaking pressed for time.

Beryl Trades Me Big Painting for Appalachian Dolls

Pink, glittery landscape painting
Appalachian Dolls - After

Beryl took pity on the Appalachian dolls and did some surgery to separate them from each other

"I thought you might like to see I've resurrected the kids. New: hairdos, faces, buttons for hands, tie and buttons on shoes for girl, button and belt for boy. Interestingly enough, when I turned around the shirts I found a sticker that they had been made in China. It would be interesting to know, "green-wise," the size of their footprints. I'll give them to Community Services for the Blind."

Gary Trades Me Steampowered Top Hat to Increase Your Thinking Power for Robotic Bug

Gary holding Robotic Bug trade
Gary holding Robotic Bug trade

Gary likes steampunk stuff.

I remember when there was a resurgence of steampunk interest a year or so ago -- or at least that's when I noticed it. I saw the word "steampunk" everywhere and I had no idea what it was. Now I have a better idea. Or at least I know enough to know that I want a freaking monocle. Oh yes.

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