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Buddha Letter Writing Zen Package

Original Owner: 
An Item In bARTer Sauce - Painting from Zen Buddha Pen Pal Package
Buddha & bARTer Sauce
Pomegranite and postcards

Brit's story that came with the Buddha Letter Writing Zen Package:

To begin with I’m slightly pissed off at Colin (creator of the Hedgehog Wearing a Mask). He was supposed to be my PenPal… but out of the blue a few months ago he just up and stopped writing back to me. LAME!!

Eric Gives Me the Jazz Singer Painting that Wants to Eat his Girlfriend in Exchange for Double Vaginas

bARTer Sauce Trade
bARTer Sauce Trade


I feel much better now.

"Double Vaginas" is gone. It is no longer in my living room right across from the chair I sit in while we watch television.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive Ben for bringing that into my life. Normally I wouldn't mind. Normally. But this one hung around for quite awhile. Plus, it's huge. HUGE.

Anonymous Donor Trades me a Credit Card Costume for Turntables

bARTer Sauce Live On Stage Trade
bARTer Sauce Live On Stage Trade



I did another trade live, onstage at Laffhole on 10/10/07. Those guys are so much fun.

This anonymous donor came by and offered me this expired credit card costume. S/he was the crowd favorite - is it because of the costume? Sexy credit card legs? Her/His good credit? The dance s/he did while wearing it?

Lauri Trades me 5' Tall Asian Woman Sculpture for Barbie Monster Fish

Lauri and Rosalie trading Barbie Fish Monster for an Asian Statue
Asian statue in the trunk of our car

So Lauri lost the Laffhole competition

But just barely.

I don't think she really wanted to haul this sculpture/doll thing back home again, so I traded her backstage. Okay, okay, I'm making it sound like I wasn't jumping up and down yelling, "Oh, come on! Trade me! Come on!" which I wasn't. At least not on the outside.

I gave Lauri the prized Barbie Monster Fish that I got from Ariane who lives in Wyoming and made a cardboard cutout of me. Lauri better take really good care of it. Or she'll have me to deal with.

Kimberly Trades Me A Photo of a Naked Chick for Wire Face

Kimberly and Rosalie doin' a Sauce Trade
Kimberly getting cursed
Kimberly and Rosalie doin' a Sauce Trade
Kimberly and Rosalie doin' a Sauce Trade

My studio partner, Kimberly, is awesome. She runs Stir and paints silk scarves and ties. And she paints baseball hats with robots on them. Awesome. Robots are awesome!

Kelly Trades Me a Cat Shaped Lawn Ornament for The Popsicle Stick and Rhinestone Lamp

Two Women - One Holding a Lamp Made of Popsicles, The Other a Metal Cat Thing
Two Women - One Holding a Lamp Made of Popsicles, The Other a Metal Cat Thing
Two Women - One Holding a Lamp Made of Popsicles, The Other a Metal Cat Thing
Two Women - One Holding a Lamp Made of Popsicles, The Other a Metal Cat Thing

Okay Kelly.


I'm only doing this because you've been such a good friend to The Sauce.

But I have to tell you.

We are definitely EVEN now.

USDA Prime Cut Pin Up Girl, Pokemon & Other Voices for Grab Bag Mystery Item

bARTer Sauce Trade

Jake traded me a painting of USDA prime meat cuts and a pin up girl by his friend Toast, a Pokemon drawing that he did and an autographed copy of "Other Voices - A Literary Journal Created by People wth Mental Illnesses" for the Grab Bag Mystery Item that I can never reveal for reasons you don't need to know about.

We met in front of Best Buy in Northgate...which means one thing: We're right by TARGET! Coming from the Midwest, I love Target. Love it. I went there. It was great.

Jeromy gives me wood, wire, and stone faces for the Horrible Thing Jim Found in the Wall

Rosalie and Jeromy doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Jeromy and I tried to do this trade a few weeks ago on some holiday weekend.

And he called to cancel because some friends showed up and he had to barbeque.  Just moments before he called, we got an invite to a barbeque as well.  So we said, "Forget this trading thing.  Let's go get us some barbeque."  And that was that.  For a little while.  Then Jeromy came by my place with Stone, Wood and Wire Faces and we did a little trade off.

The winner of the Laffhole trade competition is ADAM!

Man With Cockfighting Painting Woman With Popsicle Stick Lamp
Man With Cockfighting Painting Woman With Popsicle Stick Lamp

I met Adam at a Christmas party where a fight broke out over who got to trade me for Arndt Bow's tombstone.

No one got it...and no one was injured...they had to agree that neither of them would trade me for it for the sake of their friendship.

Adam and Ashley are awesome and artistic and make fantasticfortune telling cards that we have hanging all around our bathroom mirror. I invited (forced) them to come to Laffhole to offer me a trade item live on stage. They did it. And WON!

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