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Mike trades me D&D books for the 80's buttrock guitar

Guy Waving

It is with great pleasure that I announce I will officially trade the black and red butt-rock guitar for the set of first edition Dungeons and Dragons books.

Now I've never played Dungeons and Dragons myself, but that's not to say I don't have enough nerd in me to want to. I've played Magic the Gathering though where similar phrases I'm sure can be heard:

*I'll attack you with my Air Elemental for 4 points.

Jacob gives me two pairs of boxing gloves and a digital camera for my "laptop"

bARTer Sauce Trade
bARTer Sauce Trade

So, to recap, I traded my self-proclaimed "moderately crappy laptop" to Jacob for two pairs of boxing gloves and a digital camera.

Jacob was very interested in trading for the laptop - the most interested of anyone after actually reading the description of it -- but I guess any laptop is better than no laptop.
If you saw his Myspace page you'd see why I might have been surprised when a 19 year old white kid from Lynnwood showed up...but then my rapper trivia knowledge is severely lacking.

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