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Sequin Horse

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Jessamyn Trades Me Holy Souvenirs Batman for Sequin Horse

Rosalie and Jessamyn doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Jessamyn - like everyone else - was forced to endure my "interview" questions.

Q: What is the maximum amount you would pay for a cup of coffee?

A: $100--if it was big enough for me to swim in.

Q: Thumb: finger or not-finger?
A: Not-finger!

Q: Can you estimate how much turkey you ate this Thanksgiving?
A: Aproximately the size of 3 Hamsters.

Q: Would you say it was more or less than the size of an average dog?

Kelly Trades Me Sequin Horse for Totem Pole Trophy

Kelly Lyles

Kelly Lyles is awesome.

She stopped by my old studio on the night before the First Thursday Art Walk to bring by a horse picture made out of stick pin sequins. I showed her the new art studio I'm moving to and told her how disappointed I was that I couldn't afford to paint it metallic gold. She said, "Why don't you just paint it gold and then throw glitter on it?" 

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