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New bARTer Sauce Trade

Lookie what I just got for bARTer Sauce.

Single Parent of a PaperBagSkeletonPuppet

Original Owner: 
Single Parent of a PaperBagSkeletonPuppet

Brit's Story about the Single Parent of a Paper Bag Skeleton Puppet Family:

Little did you know that this box, once opened, would compel an single adult female PaperBagSkeletonPuppet to leave her two small children behind. I don't know what was in the box... but, whatever it was... it was way more important to her than the two little ones she had left at home pinned to the refrigerator that night.

Rodney the Woozy Skeleton

Rodney the Woozy Skeleton

I found this one at Killorn "mark up" O'Neill's garage sale. It's a Day of the Dead skeleton. He keeps falling over. I have named him Rodney the Woozy Skeleton, after my aunt. She likes falling down. And is named Rodney. And she has a skeleton that she uses every day so she must like them. No she doesn't. I have no such aunt.

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