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Lynn Trades Me Parisite for Abe Lincoln Shower Art

Spam from Lynn

This trade was done through the mail.

So no story about meeting Lynn personally. Nothing like that. But she did write me a funny email about the package I sent her. So here it is now. I present, with no further ado, Lynn's Funny Email:

"Honest Abe Has Sibelius" Shower Art Piece

Original Owner: 
"Honest Abe has Sibelius" Shower Art
"Honest Abe has Sibelius" Shower Art
"Honest Abe has Sibelius" Shower Art
"Honest Abe has Sibelius" Shower Art

I am being forced, totally against my will, to bend the rules of bARTer Sauce.

Now, you all know how strictly I have adhered to ALL the Sauce rules in the past (1. You have to tell me a story. 2. I will never trade for an accordion.) but someone, somewhere out in cyberspace has pretty much given me no other choice.

Let me introduce you to Lynn.

"Everyone, this is Lynn."

"Lynn, this is everyone."

Kelly Lyles Print - Spamster

Original Owner: 
Art Car
A print of Spamster, by Kelly Lyles.

Kelly Lyles was kind enough to trade me a ton of her prints in exchange for the Microwave Love Tester Diorama.

All the prints are from her rodent series. Here's what she says about them:

"These paintings came about in response to the constant questions about my art-car, Leopard Bernstein. "Are you a Leo?" "You must really identify with leopards." None of the above.

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