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Stacy Schonhardt

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Original Owner: 
Brickman (remixed by Nik)

Stacy's story submitted with Brickman:

Several years ago (in a land far, far away) I was in college and had some friends visiting from out of town. It was sometime around Halloween, and we were out looking for a good scare. A local friend had mentioned that a certain boarded-up house a few streets over was supposedly haunted, so we drove over to take a look. We got there, and saw that it was indeed boarded up. I was curious anyway, and got out of the car, along with one of the guys. We walked around to the other side of the house to see if there was anything interesting visible on that side. Once we were out of earshot of the car, I whispered to him, "on the count of three, run back to the car, act scared, see if we can scare the others!" I counted, and we tore around the side of the house, back to the car. I fell and slid in the gravel, and we jumped into the car. The driver saw us, and as soon as the door was closed we were gone.

Stacy Trades Me "Hand of Doom" and "Brickman" for Punk'd Up Nuns

Stacy and Rosalie making a Sauce Trade
Stacy's sculpture
Stacy's art

Stacy has been through a few bARTer Sauce trades so I'm sure she wasn't surprised when I demanded that she answer my "interview" questions on top of sending me stories for each of her items and traveling to deliver said items to me.

You've really got to work to trade with The Sauce. You've really got to want it.

Q: What is your middle name?
A: Christine.

Q: When you think about calamari, what do you think?
A: YUM! (and garlic butter)

Hand of Doom!

Original Owner: 
Hand of Doom!

Stacy's Story that Accompanied the Hand of Doom!:

In keeping with the Halloween theme....
(True Story!)

When I was in college, I belonged to an outdoor club. Some of the members lived in a house together - a huge place, built in the early 1900s if not earlier. Most of them were a couple years ahead of me, and after they'd all graduated, I asked about renting it.

Stacy Trades me A Faux-Steam Punk Box for Felted Creatures

Stacy and her evil ladybird prepare their minions for an evening of fighting goo

Stacy came to the May First Thursday Art Walk to trade me her Faux-Steampunk box.

She was trying to make it steampunk and then when she showed it to her (possibly mean) friend, her friend said it couldn't be steampunk.


Who cares what's steampunk and what isn't steampunk?

Apparently not me.

A Steampunk Box to Put Things In

Original Owner: 
Steampunk?  Yes?  No.  Rats!

Stacy's Story about the SteamPunk Box to Put Things In:

This is the first "steampunk/cyberpunk" thing I've made... I was going for a steampunk look, but then a couple people noticed that I'd included chips and electronic parts on it - and told me that it was NOT steampunk (with a sniff).

So - I'm offering it up, it's *almost* done, I just want to add a few more things.

It's a cute little box, but does have some pointy bits, so whoever gets it next will next to be a little careful.

Stacy Trades Me "Fangy Tomato" and "Happy Jestor" for "Credit Card Costume"

Stacy and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Stacy was kind enough to find a ride to First Thursday in an automobile large enough to carry away a giant, foam credit card costume.

Thank goodness. oh man, I am not sorry to see that gigantic foamy thing leave my posession.

Go free young credit card. Ride into the night with Stacy and fill up her stupid closets with your credit card-ness!

Fangy Tomato and Friend

Original Owner: 
Fangy Tomato One
Fangy Tomato Two
Fangy Tomato and Friend

Stacy's story:

These two paintings should go together.

One is a happy jester, with smiley-faced daisies, and one is a surprised jester with a fanged tomato coming towards him. I did these while I was still in high school - now I have my BFA and have shown in MN, CO, and WA. The idea, the basic line drawing behind the shape of the jesters was the inspiration for a cartoon strip I did for the university paper for a few years... Who knows - maybe someone will want to do a retrospective on my stuff.

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