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Steam punk

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Stacy Trades me A Faux-Steam Punk Box for Felted Creatures

Stacy and her evil ladybird prepare their minions for an evening of fighting goo

Stacy came to the May First Thursday Art Walk to trade me her Faux-Steampunk box.

She was trying to make it steampunk and then when she showed it to her (possibly mean) friend, her friend said it couldn't be steampunk.


Who cares what's steampunk and what isn't steampunk?

Apparently not me.

Patrick Trades me Time Machine Parts and Tiny, Landscape Painted on a Pill for Scary Clown Painting

Close-up of Patrick's 'Dog's Playing Poker' shirt. I'm jealous.
Close-up of Patrick's 'Dog's Playing Poker' shirt. I'm jealous.
Me & Patrick doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Patrick came by First Thursday with his wife Tina.

Actually, he dropped her off with the Time Machine Parts in front of the studio and she did much of the negotiation ("Are there any guys in here who can carry these Time Machine Parts? They're heavy!") while he circled the block many times looking for parking.

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