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Kimberly Trades me Creepy Angel Trading Card for Stolen Unicorn Poster

Kimberly Abraham with her new Unicorn Poster from bARTer Sauce

I forced Kimberly - as I do all Sauce Traders - to answer a bunch of meaningless, weird and sometimes insulting questions.

Here are Kimberly's answers: 

Q: How did you hear about bARTer Sauce?

Nik Trades Me Stolen Unicorn Poster and Transvestite Robot for Weird Rooster Thing and I Can See Butt

bARTer Sauce Trade

Nik trades with me all the time.

About twice a month. And he has set up his own art trading project inspired by bARTer Sauce. He's a fan. And I'm a fan of him. All that said, I've had to come up with probably hundreds of "interview" questions for Nik to answer.

So this time we're going with Fun Facts! Fun. Facts about Nik: 

  • I compulsively cut my hair. Not in any professional way. In my mind it looks good but in the mirror not so much.

STOLEN Penis-Headed, No-Eared, Lopsided Kneecapped Unicorn Poster

Original Owner: 
Stolen Unicorn Poster, an Item In bARTer Sauce
Stolen Unicorn Poster, an Item In bARTer Sauce
Stolen Unicorn Poster, an Item In bARTer Sauce

Nik's Story that came with "STOLEN Penis-Headed, No-Eared, Lopsided Kneecapped Unicorn Poster": 

Rosalie Trades Shower Art for a Cardboard Cutout of Herself

Ariane's Awesome Sauce Packaging
Ariane's Awesome Sauce Packaging

At first I had no idea what to take out of The Sauce in order to get my Shower Art in the mix for Lynn to trade me for it.

And then it hit me -- at the moment when I actually looked at the items available for trade -- I should trade for the cardboard cutout of...myself.

The reasons are five-fold.

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