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Will Trades Me Bodice Ripper, Blow Up Scream and Figure Drawing Book for Undead Mosaic Clown Painting and Super Bright Kisses

Will and a Baby for some Reason

Will is one of my favorite trader-persons.

He writes the best stories and sends in really good stuff. He's fer sure in the top three.

And here are Will's very patient answers to my "interview" questions.


How do you feel about sushi?
I love it more than I love most people. I would eat it any time any day as long as it was from a decent place. I'm pretty picky about the quality of my sushi.

If you were dared, would you eat a live bug?

Jessamyn Trades me her Brain Scan and Fancy Mask (and accoutrements) for Drag Queen Clown and Kill You in Your Sleep Teddy Bear Lamp

Jessamyn and some horns.
Rosalie and Jessamyn doing a bARTer Sauce trade

As per usual, I have subjected Jessamyn to my own brand of "interview" questions.

This tradition began long ago when I used to pressure myself to come up with an engaging and funny story of my own to go along with each trade. Well, after about a million or so trades, it seems I have run out of stories, so now, I make my Sauce traders work extra hard by telling me a story AND answering my lame "interview questions." Personally, I think this solution is genius. Plus, I'm lazy.

Find Lost Memories

Original Owner: 
Box of Lost Memories
Box of Lost Memories

Temple's Story about the Box of Lost Memories

Before she discovered the joy of spraypaint or becoming a geisha, artist Temple Terkildsen, created this box assemblage after consoling a friend. The funeral had left a large gap in her friend's life, her mother being gone forever, now. Lots of sushi and alcohol, getting drunk and uncermoniously puking on the heater, such is an homage to life.

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