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Tara Smith

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Tara Trades Me Twisted Tree Tee for Two Headed Boy Painting

Tara and Rosalie makin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Tara and I often share a space at crafty events and the like so that she can sell shirts to everyone who walks by and Doug and I can sit there, surrounded by Shower Arts and be really supportive of her.

She designs fantastic shirts and screenprints them in her basement in her jammies.

Twisted Tree Tee

Original Owner: 
Twisted Tree Tee

Tara's Story that Came With the Twisted Tree T-shirt Trade:

I would like the 2 headed boy as a gift for my sister. She has a 2 year old boy with a mohawk who is very cute, but also very destructive. He is like the 2 headed boy! My plan is to give it to her for Christmas. Yes! She will love it, and when she opens it at my family's Christmas party everyone will look at me strange. PERFECT. I hope this story is funny. It's my first time...

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