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teeny tiny landscape painted on a pill

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Betsy Trades me Jar Grandma for Teeny Tiny Landscape Painted on a Pill

Two women, one dressed liked a lesbian farmer
Betsy, helping me get dressed on the street.
Rosalie admiring the skirt Betsy made her.

Some of you - those who pay close attention and have magical psychic powers - may remember Betsy as the creator of the only skirt in existance to have caused a fight at the Punk Rock Flea Market.

Summary: My friend Sara bought a skirt for $5 that should have been mine and I got mad.

Read Sara's side of the story as well as my side ( I refer to my side as "The Truth").

Patrick Trades me Time Machine Parts and Tiny, Landscape Painted on a Pill for Scary Clown Painting

Close-up of Patrick's 'Dog's Playing Poker' shirt. I'm jealous.
Close-up of Patrick's 'Dog's Playing Poker' shirt. I'm jealous.
Me & Patrick doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Patrick came by First Thursday with his wife Tina.

Actually, he dropped her off with the Time Machine Parts in front of the studio and she did much of the negotiation ("Are there any guys in here who can carry these Time Machine Parts? They're heavy!") while he circled the block many times looking for parking.

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