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Tiny Head

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Temple Trades Me Stuffed Dooky Kiss for Tiny Head

Temple and a stuffed kiss
Temple's Extras
Temple's Extras

Temple was subjected to my "interview" questions...which are..well, of a rather even odder nature than normal.

She was kind enough to play along:

Q: What did the monkey say to the fork?
A: EeeeeooooOOOOoahahahAHHAH AH AH AH!

Q: Why?
A: Monkeys don't need forks.

Q: How come the fork can talk?
A: It is actually a tuning fork and only says one thing, "OM!"

Nik Trades Me Tiny Head and Pillow Pal for Brick Man and Space Aliens in Crayon

Nicolas Caesar Wearing A Dog Hat

Nik and I have done at least one billion trades at this point.

It becomes kind of difficult to think of a new thing to write about ever time -- especially since we do our trades through the mail so LITERALLY -- nothing happens (unless the mean post office lady is there and then I can at least complain about how she yelled at me once and I'm now holding a grudge about it a year later).

Tiny Head

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Tiny Head

Note from bARTer Sauce:

I must preface this entry by saying that I recently threatened Nik and told him he better submit some super good stories with his trade offers. I think I may have insulted him as he created two stories -- or one story in two parts -- the last titled, "Eat Me." Nik, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry that your previous stories sucked and that you didn't put forth much effort in that area. I do feel truely awful about that.


Maybe we better just get on with the story:

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