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Rachael trades me Headless Gabriel for Bad Kid

Rachael doing her impression of Bad Kid

Rachael was kind enough to tolerate some of my "interview" questions.

She was the winner of the 2010 bARTer Sauce Trade Off. She competed against another Sauce trader for the Bad Kid painting. They each submitted their trade offer and stories and then folks voted on who I should trade with by leaving comments. Rachael won! Yay! She's a winner!

Have some fun learning basically nothing important about her: 

Q: What size books do you prefer? 

Pillow Pal

Original Owner: 

Note from bARTer Sauce:

I should mention that I recently threatened Nik and told him that he had to start submitting great stories. He has a habit of just posting another picture of his item where the story should go and then writing a sentence. And frankly, I'd had enough. It was time for a change. Well Nik responded to my threat by saying that maybe he would "...write a story too good it can't be written, it'd put all the great writers look like half-witted stooges and the world's literary world would be erased but my great text.

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