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trade rape

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Rebecca Trades Me Faux Fur Painting for Bodice Ripper

Rebecca DeVere

Rebecca and I did this trade at her moving/yard sale.

She was wearing a wig. In fact, everyone she had conned into helping her (including her mom) was wearing a wig.

Will Trades Me a French Phone, a Russian Book, Totem Pole Shaped Trophy & a Cross for Terror Clown Painting, No Face Wedding, Hugs for Jesus Statue and Dooky Kiss

Will and some baby
Will, as a hippie

Here's the thing.

Lots of people like to send "extras" to The Sauce along with their official trade offers. Lots of people. Pretty much everyone. I've let it go in the past, but - like I say below - I decided to make an example of Will and punish him for doing the same thing that many others have done in the past.

Hedgehog Wearing a Mask

Original Owner: 
Hedgehog Wearing a Mask

My friend Colin moved to New York not too long ago.

He feined a vague interest in bARTer Sauce until "Worried Man" came up for trade. Then he set about to making a paper mache hedgehog wearing a mask. If you want to read more about Colin and burnt paper mache, check out his Myspace blog.

Colin "trades" me a Hedgehog for Decapitated Moose Heads

Moose Heads
Man and Woman Holding Small Stuffed Moose Heads

Colin was unfortunately the loser in the first ever, and possibly only, bARTer Sauce trade competition.

He was a little upset that he had to compete against a real museum with a mailing list. He really didn't do so badly considering. In fact, for quite awhile, he was completely kicking the museum's ass. But then they got around to sending some info out to their mailing list ....and well, Colin lost.

Susannah gives me a horrible statue of a frog riding a turtle and is sad to learn she has to take something in exchange

Hot Turtle on Turtle Action

At work one day, Susannah surprised me with a trade for a horrible statue of a frog riding a turtle.

Then I surprised her by letting her know I'd be bringing something in to leave on her desk in exchange! I love surprises!

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