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Sean Trades Me Three Things For Three Other Things

Sean, as a comic
Sean, in the bathroom

This trade, like many others recently, happened through the mail.

And while I love expanding bARTer Sauce to new areas of the globe, I do kind of miss the trading in person part of it. Now, in order to spice this up a little bit, I've decided that I'll ask anyone who trades with me through the mail to tell me an extra, bonus, double-good story. Along those lines, I asked Sean to tell me about when he first learned that there was no Santa Claus.

Sean, on Santa (not in a weird way):

Octavian trades me a painting called Transition in exchange for The photo of a Naked Chick by my studio partner Kimberly

Rosalie and Octavian making a bARTer Sauce trade

bARTer Sauce struck it rich at First Thursday.

Rich I tell you. Rich. People kept coming in, reading about The Sauce and then going home to get me trades. Hells yes. This is how it's supposed to be. I suppose it helped that I actually printed out the stories that go with each item and posted them with the display. Without those, it's kind of just a big pile of weird stuff for no real reason. Now it has context and makes some sense. Huzzah!


Original Owner: 
"Transition" By Octavian Starr

Octavian traded me this painting called "Transition" on First Thursday 12/6.

1/2/08 Update: No story yet. Public humiliation to come in form of unflattering pictures sent out in e-newsletter. Teehee

2/21/08 Update: Still nothing. Have seen Octavian many times since he promised this story. Now he seems excited by the threat of me putting a mustache on him and sending out his picture in my e-newsletter. Jerk. I may never get this story.

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