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Kelly trades me "Toylet" for "Parisite"

Kelly and I trade Parisite for Toylet in bARTer Sauce
Kelly and I trade Parisite for Toylet in bARTer Sauce
Kelly and I trade Parisite for Toylet in bARTer Sauce
Kelly and I trade Parisite for Toylet in bARTer Sauce
Kelly's new art car
Doug and Kelly moving the Toylet
bARTer Sauce Trade

Kelly hauled the "Toylet" to the May First Thursday Art Walk.

We've been trying to get together and make the trade all week because she's had it rolling around in her car. It never worked out, so she had to live with a toy-covered toilet rockin' around in the back of her art car. Poor Kelly. She did get to take "Parisite" home, so I think she'll be okay.

Stacy Trades me A Faux-Steam Punk Box for Felted Creatures

Stacy and her evil ladybird prepare their minions for an evening of fighting goo

Stacy came to the May First Thursday Art Walk to trade me her Faux-Steampunk box.

She was trying to make it steampunk and then when she showed it to her (possibly mean) friend, her friend said it couldn't be steampunk.


Who cares what's steampunk and what isn't steampunk?

Apparently not me.

Tim Trades me Giant Pig Face for Drinky Clown Painting

Pigface! Pigface!

Tim came to the April First Thursday art walk, looked at Nicolas' Drinky Clown Painting, turned around, ran home and came back with a giant painting of Pigface.

It's big.

Really big.

It's the biggest thing I've ever received. It's bigger than the credit card costume. It's bigger than Mrs. Woo. It's the biggest. And it's all Pigface. Every inch.

Patrick Trades me Time Machine Parts and Tiny, Landscape Painted on a Pill for Scary Clown Painting

Close-up of Patrick's 'Dog's Playing Poker' shirt. I'm jealous.
Close-up of Patrick's 'Dog's Playing Poker' shirt. I'm jealous.
Me & Patrick doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Patrick came by First Thursday with his wife Tina.

Actually, he dropped her off with the Time Machine Parts in front of the studio and she did much of the negotiation ("Are there any guys in here who can carry these Time Machine Parts? They're heavy!") while he circled the block many times looking for parking.

Time Machine Parts (Motors, Relays and a Zombie Killing Device)

Original Owner: 
Time Machine Parts
Time Machine Parts
Time Machine Parts
Time Machine Parts

Patrick's Story about the Time Machine Parts:

I have two boxes of industrial relays and motors and other gizmos from my failed time machine. (The machine actually worked, but I was counting on a "Back To The Future" effect and instead arrived via the "Terminator" effect. Needless to say, I was ill-prepared for world domination being bare-assed naked). They are worth quite a bit and may be usefull in some sort of mechanized display. Or you could use them for a time machine again, but beware the Terminator effect.

Tiny Landscape Painted on a Pill

Original Owner: 
Landscape Painted on a Pill

Patrick traded me a box of time machine parts along with this tiny, landscape painted on a pill.

Read Patrick's story about the Time Machine Parts.

Instead of making him tell me two stories with his trade, I just forced him to answer a series of my inane "interview questions."

Q. How the hell do you paint on pills?

Stacy Trades Me "Fangy Tomato" and "Happy Jestor" for "Credit Card Costume"

Stacy and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Stacy was kind enough to find a ride to First Thursday in an automobile large enough to carry away a giant, foam credit card costume.

Thank goodness. oh man, I am not sorry to see that gigantic foamy thing leave my posession.

Go free young credit card. Ride into the night with Stacy and fill up her stupid closets with your credit card-ness!

Fangy Tomato and Friend

Original Owner: 
Fangy Tomato One
Fangy Tomato Two
Fangy Tomato and Friend

Stacy's story:

These two paintings should go together.

One is a happy jester, with smiley-faced daisies, and one is a surprised jester with a fanged tomato coming towards him. I did these while I was still in high school - now I have my BFA and have shown in MN, CO, and WA. The idea, the basic line drawing behind the shape of the jesters was the inspiration for a cartoon strip I did for the university paper for a few years... Who knows - maybe someone will want to do a retrospective on my stuff.

Staci Trades Me "Mona Didn't Need Bling" Shadow Box for "Wood Face"

Staci and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Staci often shows at the OK Hotel during First Thursday so she wanders in to the studio pretty much every month (okay, every month for sure) and we've gotten to know each other a little bit.

She's been teasing me for awhile now saying that she had a trade for me...and she lived up to her word at the March Art Walk. I remember Mona from a shadow box show that the OK Hotel did a few months back. I liked it then. And I like it now.

Royce Trades me Four Boobed Alien with Dingle for Faux Fossil

Royce and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade
Royce and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Royce came to First Thursday in February 2008 armed with a backpack full of paintings

. At first I thought he was going to give them ALL to me, but then I realized I was just a greedy, little piggy and in fact, he just brought me many OPTIONS. Which is almost as good.

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