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Sean trades me "Old Man Murder" for "Fangy Tomato and Friend"

Old Man Murder

Sean lives far away, so we do all of our trades through the mail.

Now, it's really exciting for me to get a package in the mail, examine it momentarily then, rip it open in a rush to find the great art inside. And, as exciting as that is, that description probably won't remain exciting through the history of all Sean's trades. He's made a few:

Sean Trades Me Three Things For Three Other Things

Sean, as a comic
Sean, in the bathroom

This trade, like many others recently, happened through the mail.

And while I love expanding bARTer Sauce to new areas of the globe, I do kind of miss the trading in person part of it. Now, in order to spice this up a little bit, I've decided that I'll ask anyone who trades with me through the mail to tell me an extra, bonus, double-good story. Along those lines, I asked Sean to tell me about when he first learned that there was no Santa Claus.

Sean, on Santa (not in a weird way):

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