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worried man

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Other People Talk About The Sauce

Worried Guy | Anonymous 48" x 37", oil on canvas with wire, staples, paper. Imag
Image Credit: The Fearful Adventurer
Image Credit: Mike Austin,

There have been manic phases of the bARTer Sauce project where I get multiple trade offers each day. There have been other quiet, peaceful phases where I have nothing to do with The Sauce really at all. I ignore it - knowing that someday soon it will demand my attention. I enjoy our time apart almost as much as I enjoy the time we spend together. It's some kind of yin-yang bullshit.

Worried Man Painting and a Bazillion Vintage Cigarette Coupons for Arndt Boe's tombstone

Two Crazy Ladies Trading Things
Woman Holding Tombstone On Table

Okay, so Board President of Bad Fruit Foundation, Roberta Minor, will be getting the tombstone. And not because the home page of their website has a quote from me on it (a fact I realized when searching for the link to post here) but because she found the Worried Man painting in an alley. The painting that spawned at least one fight and one competition between my friend Colin and a museum. Colin lost. But Roberta will win!

The Museum of Bad Art wins Worrying Man in the first bARTer Sauce trade contest

bARTer Sauce Trade

bARTer Sauce held it's one and only contest for a painting I found in an alley.

I pitted my poor friend Colin in New York (who made me the most awesome paper mache hedgehog) against The Museum of Bad Art (who offered me an awesome painting of a cockfight).

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