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Sony Vaio Laptop

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Sony Vaio Laptop

Large, heavy, suitcase-like object not suitable for packing things into (currently filled with 20 gig hard drive) made by Sony Vaio.

Once a part of the technology industry. The early technology industry. Could be referred to as a "laptop" but please be warned that if you set this device on your actual lap, you may be paralyzed from the thighs down. The current owner takes no responsibility for injuries incurred from carrying or using said "laptop." That being said, if you are not concerned with having the latest, greatest, fastest, most reliable computer on the block, then this item is for you.

Like anything worth getting to know, this "laptop" has some endearing quirks but if you are a patient (and very strong) individual you may have found exactly what you need in this device. For example, the battery no longer really holds a charge. At best, you might get about 20 minutes out of it and that's after breaking your back to lug it to your local coffee shop. You could always just bring the power cord with you (which is I must say, my favorite part of the device as it has never given me any trouble at all -- always worked perfectly and never made sarcastic comments while I walked around my apartment naked -- more than I can say for the rest of the "laptop"). Most likely, you'll do what I did: leave it at home and plugged in.

Another less than desirable feature is that the screen periodically shorts out, which is easily remedied by squeezing the corner periodically to let it know you mean business but that you also care for it dearly. Maybe someday the screen will go out entirely or maybe it will just eke out a meager existence for quite some time to come. There is only one way to know for sure - trade me for it, then study it like a caged animal (I don't recommend that you actually store the "laptop" in a cage as it really treasures it's freedom).

It does have a cd drive and a disk drive built in. No dvd drive though. They weren't invented yet when this thing was made.

Another thing I should mention, which is not the "laptop's" fault at all has to do with the keyboard. I've had a curious habit since I was a senior in high school of ripping the corners off of every piece of paper that comes into contact with me. I squish them up into little balls and then roll them back and forth under my fingernails. For some reason, I have to do it. It's been thirteen years since I started doing it and I still do it. I can't borrow books from anyone -- especially not the library -- if they have even the tiniest expectation that the book will be returned without the corner of every page ripped off.

In any case, at this point you're probably wondering how this could affect the "laptop." Did she just want us to know that she's crazy? No. Over the years, those little pieces of paper (let's call them Paper Balls) would fall out from under my finger nails at an alarming rate. If I happened to be typing at the time, they would fall into the keyboard of the "laptop." So in a number of years, a good number of these Paper Balls have accumulated under the keys, making some of the keys briefly unusable. They won't push down all the way.

This, like the other quirks, is easily fixed. Just rent a crane, pick up the "laptop" and shake it a little bit to dislodge the Paper Balls. This will move the Paper Balls around -- allowing you to push down the one that you wanted -- but then rendering a different key unusable. Rinse and repeat. You may want to cut down on the crane rental costs by just purchasing your own and keeping it at a close distance to said "laptop."

Now, having given you an entirely honest description of the "laptop's" issues, I must say that I've had a great time with my pal Vaio. We surfed the internet (well, surfed....okay, dead man's floated the internet), we wrote jokes, we started a novel about a girl whose stomach jumps out of her mouth and takes on a life of its own and falls in love with her next door neighbor's stomach, we obsessively checked craigslist for craftmatic adjustable beds in our price range that didn't seem like someone had died in them and for illegal bus passes (still looking for both if you have any leads). In short, we had a grand old time. And despite the quirks, he's been a good "laptop."

If you just want something that you're going to keep plugged in and has Microsoft XP and Office and wireless capability, you just might actually be able to get some use out of this. He and I have just grown apart. I replaced him, and quite honestly, it's getting hard to share the same apartment -- all three of us. Send me your trade offer and I'll get back to you by midnight, Friday, February 24, 2006.

Thank you for your time.