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Aku Aku Book

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Aku Aku - an item in bARTer Sauce
Aku Aku - an item in bARTer Sauce
Aku Aku - an item in bARTer Sauce
Aku Aku - an item in bARTer Sauce
Aku Aku - an item in bARTer Sauce

This is a vintage book by Thor Heyerdahl, the writer of Kon-Tiki that popularized tiki culture in the 60's.

Here he goes to Easter Island and does stuff. A lot of stuff. I didn't read it. It has a bunch of cool pictures in it though. 62 of them! And it's big! Like it'll stand out on your book shelf and if you're into tiki culture - your friends will be impressed with this find. Maybe you can read it too. I'm sure it's a pretty good book. You can keep it near the toilet and imagine you're on an island full of iguanas that aren't afraid of people. Islands are great.

Nik's Story that Came with Aku Aku:

I found this dead squirrel that I think a C.H.U.D. ate and threw up. It was gross. Even gross for me. So I had this great Idea of documenting it over time as raccoons, cats, and the homeless slowly but surely gnawed away the rest of it. Like that guy documenting his underwear after the running drips of Olestra side effects. Then it rained really hard and I thought "Now I can add soggy to the equation! So I went out, camera in hand to start my new project and someone stole my dead squirrel! So I'm including an image to help get my dead squirrel back.

If you see him please email me at or if you find him mail him to, p.o. box 20051, Castro Valley, CA 94546. Thank you for your time and support. He is loved and we miss him very much.

Note from The Sauce: Nik really did include a disgusting picture of a headless, gnarled, bloody squirrel body. I am not posting it on my website. I'm sorry thtat I ever saw it in the first place and I don't want to spread around the misery. Sorry Nik!

Now I'm never gonna find my

Now I'm never gonna find my squirrel!

p.s. It was sooo gross!

 I know it was gross. You

 I know it was gross. You sent me a picture, remember. Night terrors.

I thought you were

I thought you were breakdancing in bed! 

 Seriously. Never send me

 Seriously. Never send me pictures of a headless squirrel again.

What's your feeling on

What's your feeling on horsemen?

 That would be okay.

 That would be okay.

Naked horsemen

Naked horsemen

I had this book when I was a

I had this book when I was a kid!