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Barbie Fish Monster

Original Owner: 
Saddam Hussein Rinding A Pink Fish That Has A Barbie Head In Its Mouth

Ariane's Story about Barbie Monster Fish:

"Barbie Monster Fish" [is] a sculpture I made for multiple reasons, but mostly there was a fiberglass fish class that was short on participants so I took it, and people were making really crazy shit out of fiberglass fish forms and I was feeling competitive. And fat.

The multi-mediums include but are not limited to: 1 taxidermy Crappi fiberglass fish form, buttons, barbie's head, wal-mart-generic "gi joe" that looks incredibly like the late Saddam Hussein, tissue paper, labels from slim-fast cans, and the lid from a late 1980's record player. The entire sculpture hangs on the wall and measures approximately 20" L x 16" H. It weighs about 2.5lbs.

Oh my lordy that is

Oh my lordy that is gorgeous!! 

I bet that it's favorite prey

I bet that it's favorite prey is My Pretty Pony!