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Blue Raygun

Original Owner: 
Ceramic Ray Gun

Ariane's Story that came with the Ray Gun:

Shoot your TV. Or the person standing in front of the TV. Or just hold this in your hot little hand, and feel all powerful. That's what it does for me. I just made another one, so I will not feel powerless without this.

The story behind my raygun is that I have decided to become a professional Raygun Gunsmith. This was my second attempt at making one, and since then they have gotten a lot cooler, and this one is making my display case look weird. I became obsessed with Rayguns when I was 5 and a friend of mine had a squirt gun that looked like a raygun. I have wanted one ever since.

I waited until I was 31, because I thought by now we would have the technology to put tiny microwave ovens in Rayguns so you could just shoot your food and cook it! Alas, my raygunsmithing is limited to these ceramic things. However, I have started to make Raygun salt and pepper shakers. So I can shoot my food.


Oh I want this so very badly and I shall now be entirely consumed by trying to think of something adequate to offer for it......