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Ceramic Chip and Dip Bowl....with Ceramic Chips

Original Owner: 
Ceramin Bowl With Ceramic Chips

Ariane's story about the Ceramic Chip and Dip Bowl...with Ceramic Chips:

I just took this off the roof of the art center where I work, that's where we keep the ceramic stuff nobody picks up after pottery classes.

The artist is Amanduh. (I swear to god, that's how she spells it.) She made this lovely, blue, chip-and-dip tray, and yes, she made ceramic chips to go in it, and where the dip is supposed to go, there's a 2-D jalapeno pepper, making the object unutilitarian, (not to be confused with Unitarian.) That's totally different.

We had it in the kitchen of the art center for a while, but it just ended up being the plate where people put stuff they don't want to eat, like pizza crust. It had to go, and now it has to go to bARTer Sauce. It is one of the strangest items we've been left with at the art center, you don't want to let this one slip away!