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Here is MOBA's story about Cockfighters:

"Cockfighters" was presented to MOBA by Ron Claiborne, one of the hosts of ABC's Good Morning America who came to interview us for a feature. They did a fine production job - the place was lit beautifully, and Ron had clearly done his homework about MOBA. I was put off by his attitude though; he was interested and engaged when we talked with the lights on and the camera rolling, but as soon as we stopped for a break he would immediately look down and be consumed with checking his email or whatever from his blackberry device.

The grand finale of the interview was supposed to be his presentation of "Cockfighters" to MOBA. He could hardly believe it when I rejected the piece. I told him I had seen it for weeks in the thrift store where he bought it (for over $30) and decided it did not belong in our permanent collection because it was probably painted for the tourist trade in Tijuana. That may be one of the reasons the piece didn't air until months later. In the version of the interview they finally ran, my rejection was replaced by the approval of a lady who happened to be standing around who has nothing to do with MOBA.