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Creepy Clown Painting

Original Owner: 
Paining of a Clown by Nicolas Caesar of

Nicolas' original offer:

16x20, acrylic on canvas, original art, ready to frame and give kids nightmares.

My response:
Awesome -- I'd love to trade. All I need from you is a story -- true or not -- maybe something about the clown painting maybe something from your childhood or failing that - a story about the moment your learned there was no Santa. Are you in Seattle? Rosalie

Nicolas' Reponse to my response:
I'm in Castro Valley, CA - city of old drunks

The painting was part of a series of clown paintings i did for what I thought was a circus and ended up being a fringe nightclub. The thing about clown paintings is that the are art suicide. 90% of people are terrified of them and when you make a series they stick around like hobos. But the flip side is they make great gifts people REALLY remember!

I'm very interested in remixing the doll into a new sculpture/scary stuffed animal. Art for art and all that :>

My response to Nicolass response to my original response:
cool -- my only question: how did a circus turn into a fringe nightclub? Do you ever make it out to Seattle? The doll is about five feet tall and really heavy so shipping might be prohibitive. Or, I have a friend who lives in Glendale who comes out here a few times a year. I could send it home with her and get it closer to you. Or maybe you are totally rich from the clown paintings and want to pay for the shipping rather than deal with the hassle. Whatcha think?

Nicolas' responds again in response to my response to his response to my original response:
They sold it to me as "be a part of our circus!" and when i got there it was a SF bar/club full of drag queens, acupuncturists, firebreathers and a crapload of goth kids. I have nothing against any of them, i just know people come to bars/clubs to drink, get drugs and get laid - not buy art. It was a horrible night of smiling and nodding and sweating. i stood there for hours under a halogen positioned over my booth and it was so hot that was melting the paint off my paintings. during the intermission my wife and i split through the back door. i looked like i robbed my own art show we were running so fast.

maybe for the tok truck sign instead? or angry naked man?

I respond again:
I never got the Tok truck stop sign -- still waiting.... But Angry naked man for sure...just lemme know.