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Cut Rubbah!

Original Owner: 
Rubber Stamp of Sean's Friend

Sean has been a bARTer Sauce supporter since almost the beginning.

He designed my flyers...he traded me a sketch of Angry Naked Man. This time, he spent a Saturday night submitting three trade offers. This is one of them...

Sean's Trade Offer:
Here we have a fine example of my print worthy high school skills. This is a linoleum stamp carved out of, well, linoleum. It is a portrait of a high school classmate of mine based off of a photograph i took of him. Still in great condition and can still be used to make some really nice prints of a high school classmate of mine. So, if you're interested in making hundreds of hundreds of high school classmate army men then this is the item for you. Just roll on the ink, slap the stamp on the fabric. Wrap the fabric around your army soldier and have him march into battle disguised by this random high school classmate portrait.

Okay, fine. Perhaps that was a bit crazy. I know i know i know what your thinking. Its just a stamp. Nay, nay say I. More than a stamp is this. This my friends is - well - actually, it is just a stamp. But it could be more --- if you obtain it.

think about it... ... ...