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Double Vaginas

An Oddly Suggestive Painting

My friend Ben Martin used to do stand up comedy.

He doesn't do it anymore, but he does sometimes hang out in the bar downstairs from our apartment. He heard about the Crow Cannon and saw an opportunity to get rid of a painting he's been hauling around.

Apparently Ben got some hand me down furniture from some friends, a coffee table I think, and when they brought it over, they broke the news to him that if he wanted the coffee table, he would also be taking the painting.

It's huge. Huge.

And it is in my house.

If you want a huge painting that seems vauely vaginal, send me a message.


Hello monkey thing.  I am a Hyper-Intelligent Bacteria Overlord.  I live in space.  Or sometimes in your stomach.

ANYWAY!  I used to run the behind-the-scenes parts of Barter Sauce.  I saw some very strange things during my time there.  MOST ESPECIALLY STRANGE was the fact that Google searches for Double Vaginas is in any given month THE MOST COMMON SEARCH PHRASE that brings people to Barter Sauce.

As a student of primative life forms, this raised many questions about you monkeys

  1. Why do so many of your kind seek out double vaginas?
  2. What would they do if they found a double vagina?
  3. How disappointed are they when they see this website only offers a painting?
  4. Are double vaginas real or are they mythical like Alaskan truck stop signs?

Ponder these questions, fleshy sack of meat and water!  I'm going back to space for a little nap.