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Dungeons & Dragons Books

Dungeons and Dragons Books

The D&D books include:

  • Dungeon Module A4 "In the Dungeon of the Slave Lords
  • Dungeon Module B2 "The Keep on the Borderlands"
  • Dungeon Module S3 "Expedition to the Barrier Peaks"
  • Campaign Module WG4 "The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun"
  • Dungeons and Dragons Rulebook 2001
  • Dungeon Masters Screen
  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Rulebook: Player's Option: Skills & Powers
  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Editon Players Handbook and Rules Supplement
  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Dungeon Master's Guide
  • Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook
  • Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters Guide
  • Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Unearthed Arcana

    And a never been played ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE party role playing game also from TSR the originators of Dungeons and Dragons. In the interest of full-disclosure, it has something spilled on the box. Something that I am absolutely certain is coffee and NOT AT ALL cat pee.

Mike's story about the D&D books: TRADE OFFER from my pal at work who is obsessed with this guitar and other nerd related items (see below):

"I offer up a complete set of 1st edition Dungeons and Dragons books. That's the Dungeon Master's Guide,the Player's Handbook, the Monster Manual AND, special bonus, a rather ratty copy of Unearthed Arcana. These books, and thus the game, both caused and helped me through times when I couldn't get laid to save my life. The interesting thing about these books, however, is that I was unable to obtain them from a normal bookstore. I was also unable to obtain them from a normal "gaming" store. I actually had to enter the world of the Supreme Uberdork, I had to traverse the perils of a "gaming center". That is, a "gaming" store that was also actively hosting tournaments for four (4) different Games from two (2) different game systems encompassing three (3) diferent age and dork catagories (all males, of course).

As I entered the "store" I was immediately taken a bit aback by the profundity of the complexity of odors in the air. There was the smell from the pre to early pubescents that was a mixture of fruit roll ups and Mountain Dew. Although this was the sweetest odor I could detect, I would hesitate to call it the fruitiest. That age group was busily engaged in two (2) different games, half of them playing Pokemon (seriously, who plays Pokemon anymore?) and the other half playing Yu-Gi-Oh!. The Yu-Gi-Oh's were, of course, mocking the others for playing Pokemon.

The second layer of odor came from a group of teenage boys (of course). This was the odor of the socially inept. The odor of those not yet familiar with the true purpose of their genetalia. The odor of those not accustomed to female company. Plus an underlying odor of Mountain Dew. This layer had an overpowering fruitiness to it, a ripeness, if you will. That group was engaged in far more mature game of Magic the Gathering! (Only it was one of the even more mature version of Magic the Gathering having to do with Jihads and possibly having pictures of female breasts on some of the cards. Although I also suspect that some of those guys close their eyes and pretend their man cans are......nevermind.) These fellows were, of course, sending jeers over towards the younger boys for playing baby games.

The third and final layer of odor was crawling across the room from the older boys playing in the furthest corner of the shop. (Let me take this opportunity to say that when I say older boys, I really mean apparently 40 year old men.) This was not the most pervasive smell, nor the most disgusting, but it was the most disturbing. Besides the obligitory first layer of Mountain Dew there was also a bit of Mountain Dew CODE RED! That was the beginning. On top of the two Dews was a sort of OLD WOMAN ODOR. That's right, that musty, shut-in, bed sore kind of moistness.... The difference between the old woman version of this odor and the mature gamer version of the odor was the lack of Lutheran Church approved perfume on the gamers. This group of fellas was busily engaged in a session on Warhammer 40K! When I entered the store, they were, predictably, arguing over a technical aspect of the rules. I won't go into my reasons for seeking out a set of 1st edition Dungeons and Dragons rule books, just accept the fact that there were VERY IMPORTANT REASONS.

I had chosen this particular store because I had been told that they stocked used books. So.....I entered the store, swam through the vapor cloud and arrived at the used book rack, which was dangerously close to the younger group, prompting fears of Pokemon contamination, but I bravely and heroicly sifted through the books finally coming up with my prize, the aforementioned set of 1st edition Dungeons and Dragons manuals. I will now refer to them as manuals.

I made my way to the counter, ready to pay. I was unaware that this very action would garner me the ire of the store owner! Yes, the store owner (and complete store staff, I suspect) himself had to leave his throne in the far corner, after using some incredibly clever metaphor and/or pun to prove why his interpretation of the rules was correct and superior to his fellows. This rather large gentleman with the worst of all mullets (bald in the front, party in the rear) lumbered his way towards the counter. I could LITERALLY SEE him beginning to sweat from the effort of locomotion. When he arrived I discovered that he was the main factor involved in the production of old woman odor from the back corner.

And if the assault on my olafactory nerves wasn't injury enough, I was quickly treated to insult. "You know that Third Edition rules are far superior to first edition, don't you?" Honest to God. I'm not lying. That is VERBATIM. I shrugged and said that I liked first edition beause I played it as a kid. After a snort that I feared would spout deadly Game Store Owner Sweat Toxins on me, he rang the sale and I paid him the thirty-two (32) dollars for the four (4) books. As I turned to leave, I could swear that a saw him shake his head in disgust at my inferior world view. And although my view of humanity was altered slightly, the books themselves led a happier life after that day.