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Empire Carpet Man Bobblehead Doll

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Empire Carpet Man Bobblehead Doll in bARTer Sauce
Empire Carpet Man Bobblehead Doll in bARTer Sauce

I sent Sean several story ideas for this trade.

He eventually wrote a story for a couple of them, but I had to call him a douche in order to get him to do it. I'm not proud of it, but a lady does what a lady has to:

SUGGESTION: Zombies. What happens when zombies get phone calls where the number is marked as private. What do they do? What DO they do?

STORY:  Zombies. What do they do when they have a private blocked phone number call in?  Foolish question.  Because the answer is all too obvious.  But if i must - and i must.  Here goes.

When a zombie receives such a message the natural reaction is something like this, "Uggghhhhh pppssshhhhh ggrrrrrr uuuuuuaaahahhhhhhhh".  My zombie to english dictionary is lost - but I believe the rough translation is the following:
"What, what is this.  A gentleman caller who chooses to remain unknown, an unknown caller upon me and my wonder?  What, why?  Perhaps they doth wish my love or my hand in marriage?!  No Way!  This is the best day ever!  I must pick this up, but what to I say?  Oh no oh no oh no!  I'm too nervous.  But then I'll never know!  How will I call back!  Shit shit shit shit! "
At about this time in the thought process the caller has already disconnected the call.  Causing the zombie to go and sulk in the corner and binge on brain reserves from the pantry.  Sad sight indeed.
Poor zombies, poor lovers.
SUGGESTION: Texas. There's got to be something to write about when you're moving to Texas. Maybe you're torn about whether to buy a hat and boots just to fit in. You could talk about how long you think it might take before you give in and buy the hat and boots.

STORY: Texas. Rosalie asks about buying a hat and boots to fit in.  Fact be told - I do feel the need to do so.  Yet, ironically - I've yet to meet anyone wearing either of these while living in Houston. And as far as when this purchase will happen... soon.  Me thinks Santa bringeth them home to moi.

My other, unselected story suggestions fro Sean: 


Ninjas. I love anything where ninjas do something. Even if they do nothing -- it would be a good story. Maybe you could write about what ninjas do when they aren't kicking ass.

Cats. My cat is really annoying and really loves to be the center of attention. She would love it if you wrote a story about a really annoying kitty named Karma who always gets her own way.