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Fangy Tomato and Friend

Original Owner: 
Fangy Tomato One
Fangy Tomato Two
Fangy Tomato and Friend

Stacy's story:

These two paintings should go together.

One is a happy jester, with smiley-faced daisies, and one is a surprised jester with a fanged tomato coming towards him. I did these while I was still in high school - now I have my BFA and have shown in MN, CO, and WA. The idea, the basic line drawing behind the shape of the jesters was the inspiration for a cartoon strip I did for the university paper for a few years... Who knows - maybe someone will want to do a retrospective on my stuff.

They are about 24 inches square each, and acrylic and some kind of gel medium or something on canvas. Didn't know to use proper stretcher bars yet.

Thank you