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Faux Fossil

Original Owner: 
Rosalie Hates K...
Fake Fossil (Framed)

Rhiannon has been a supporter of bARTer Sauce since the very beginning.

She is also the one who traded me The First Microwave Ever Made. The microwave that single-handedly almost killed bARTer Sauce and also made it a much more interesting project BOTH AT THE SAME TIME! "How," you ask? Really? You must never have heard the story about The First Microwave Ever Made.

Educate yourself and then come back.

Rhiannon's Story about the Fake Fossil:

I will trade you a picture I made of my friend Amber and a fake fossil for stone face. Here are the stories...

Once upon a time in a magical land called Georgetown there lived a village of artists. One of the artists was named John. John donated a piece of art he made to me when I told him about a project called bARTer Sauce. He made this piece during a time when he trying different mediums. John makes many pieces of art in lots of wonderful mediums, I think. I have never been to any of John's art shows because I work on nights when art shows happen.

Although, many of the artists in Georgetown have told me they would like to participate in an art trading experiment, John is the only one who has followed through. John lived happily ever after. The other artists who told me they would donate art to me did not. The end.

Gimme the stoneface, please.